Some interesting things happened in Silicon Valley’s single millionaires dating.


Nearly all the people believed that the most intelligent people stay in and work at the Silicon Valley, but some or them being single for their hard work rare time in dating even they coul be thought as the millionaire dating group.

Here we are sharing some interesting things happened in Silicon Valley’s single millionaires dating.

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Mina Alaghband, a woman from London, graduated from Yale University.

As a potential single millionaire dating with other people more than five times due to my busy work, but most impressive experience in my mind is a wealthy single man, he ordered a romantic french restaurant, everything seems perfect while things changed after he ate appetizer and talking loudly about his work, travel and so on. While, he stared at his middle steak and crying for his ever poor life, I guess he need a psychologist.



Kevin Prior, handsome man who graduated from Harvard University. Work in Facebook.

Recently, I was invited to join a single Jewish party which hold of my friends, while I was insist on new product for a long time and felt tired so that showing common in that party, after few days I heard that there is a hat on my head and it called anti-Semitic.



Christopher Sater, from California and graduated from Stanford, work as technical support manager in Google.

We often be thought as single millionaire and dating free than others, okay, it is not completely match with what I thought. The memories in dating is common for me because I used to dating online with other girls and women, honestly speaking, these girls and women is okay, but weekend living in Alaska is more interesting, I don’t telling you how wonderful in Alaska.



They are full of confidence and have well-educated background to achieve their millionaire dreams come true, seek and dating with that people will more interesting than others, if you want we could help you to understand them or that kind of single rich people dating, try it if you want.

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