The national single festival in US



As a native people, we all known that the third week in September be regarded as the nation single week in the US, lots of the single people concentrate on the public area to celebrate their festival. According the survey from US Census Bureau shows that over one hundred million US people living the single life and nearly 56 percent is woman instead of marriage and it also sparked the beginning of online dating prosperity on this continent.


The national single festival beginning in 1980’s and be established by a single union from Ohio state to remind them as their own festival also hoped public admitting the single people’s promotions to the society.

Many single people who living around us have felt that they often received unfair treatments from varieties of people especially in healthy care, retirement and other welfare systems if it tend to married adult.


The salaries of single employee almost seldomed 20 percents compared with married one even though the work as the some at the most jobs in US, moreover, there are some rockets stand in front the face of single people, they must paid more extra expenses in real estate and vehicle insurance but lacked right and welfare in booking a hotel room, club and other place they often to. Some states urged single householder rent house to other people in law.


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The national single festival is be flagged in US solar calendar and many marts and stores will give some profitable discount at that day. Nowadays, many American divorces in 1th October as a memorized, we also said that day is another single day.


Bearing a lonely life is a process after broken up with someone, while ,in my opinion,  the more you eager in reality, the more disappointed reflected on your wish, so transferred and trying to dating online and found that person as you want.

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