How to dealing yourself well when you being single


Once have a nun told me that there are nobody born in the same way but alone is a truth, it like a sword keeping in my mind, with the graduated and finished every stage education from primary school, high school college to work as a role in the company. After I realized the truly meaning of mother’s words when I broken up from a seven years old love and being single unwillingly.


Single people who have get free from the last badly experienced relationship soon, are more likely to living a single life bu their own instead of taken into the new embrace. What they faced in the next is how to adjust the lonely life in others eyes by suddenly happened while living better on the contrary.


Persuading yourself living as a single people.

Living style would be changed as you once fall in love with someone and different with alone, a tiny bed meet all of your personal needs except some friends want share you bed over a night. Small kitchen also could meet your stomach for basic needs daily and help you lose weight to the food and snack and ingredients rarely.


Trying to pick up the ever hobbies.

Did you have change or quit some hobbies that ever catch with you? While manners and behaviors changed or pass by when someone into your world but you willing to accept it in order to catch the step to have a harmonious relationship. Trying to pick up some hobbies that left behind is be recommended to help forget the past as soon as possible including travel alone, dating with different people, reading.




Meet a new but different one than last.

Love is the best medicine to help you recover the pain from last relationship, embrace in the arms by lover, kiss each other in the morning. But, remember, do not sink in the same circle, that is try to date with a people who has different manner, character, value, better education and job background.


While there still someone who struggle in the narrow way to meet the new one due to the busy job and other factors. We also providing over 2.7 million wealthy and single members on our dating sites, try it if you want.

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