Some lawyers keep single even though already into wealthy class


Lawyer is a time honoured job that we also could know it from some gray records and dated back to over thousand years before, other jobs which different calling but has the same meaning inside spread all over the world at that same times. That is, same as the civilization to move it better.


Lacked of romantic and gender is the stereotypes in some people’s mind that based on the requires of lawyer’s work, they must to keep calm, wise, preciseness even cold when they in working status, people who married with a lawyer be thought as into a deep pool but water free for the rest of their lifetime. As they mean, there are many lawyers keep single even though graduated from college and step into wealthy class over years, here we are trying to explore the reason for that situations:


The female lawyer be thought as the sacrificed women under the legal system nowadays due to it against the woman’s nature such as blandness, need to be care all the time by men while standing in the court to excuse for their as a defender for what they wanna to get. Some people called as iron lady.


Work as lawyer faced much pressure and their own requires for their partnership is another factors to stay in single. Less time spent in the time with their family members but pays much attentions on their career caused by the professional service to their customers.


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