Dating on the top of the mountain high with brilliant sky



Dating with a person who fall in love with each other is a wonderful thing no matter how old are you, regardless of your sex orientation and it will made hormonal blast to felt pleasure than any other things. Love is an eternal topic in our life, nearly all of us could touch it among in different age and experience while dating is a process necessarily at that time you want. It just like a sweet sugar melt in your mouth reach to mind no limited.


Different couple sink in love have much varieties way to bomb their love, some like the regular one like most of the couple that male waiting on the place they already appointed until the girls appears on time or not, enjoy the meal and watching film in the cinema,walk around the plaza and send her back home eventually.

While there have a couple differ from others to regularly dating but choose for what they want inner, in their opinions, dating on the top of the mountain high able to look up at the brilliant sky more enjoyment than dating in the city. What they faced on the top are the colder air and more clearly views which far away from the pollution by human beings, they love it. The boy called Simon Trnka, an amateur photographer from Slovakia. They almost spent all of the weekend on the top of the snow mountain during the winter.




The way of dating in that couple are not just see the brilliant sky in the night but lying in the sleeping bags shoulder by shoulder and whispering litter secrets between them and perpetuate addicted in it.

Meanwhile, they also take photo to memorized this time.


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