Reasons for some flight attendants being single




The first flight attendant in human’s history is a female nurse named Ellen Church who be hired  by United Airlines and worked in airplane to meet the basic needs from passengers in 1930. Much to our surprise, the males acted as most of the flight attendants in the primary period of commercial air service and more and more female take it gradually.


In most people’s minds, work as a flight attendant is great experience in lifetime, they could travel around the world without paid for plane tickets and meet the different people and views also have a good pay than other job.

But they realized that here are many flight attendants being single for a long time, despite they have good face, better job and good education background while alone.

So, here’s a look at the reasons for some flight people being single:


For normal people, days could be divided into workdays and holidays clearly, but flight people could think they are confused by that days due to work busily in the holiday to transfer the passengers to their destinations more frequently. They also have to deal with the red-eye flights despite more dangerous than commons, it take flight people lacked of regular vacations not only for them self but the parents and lover.


Work as a flight attendant must passed many tests when they were trying to be a eligible one including many dangerous but necessary things so that they could did many things in their daily life especially for female, living well by self.


Most of the flight attendants was be selected strictly when they want to be that one in initial days, good face and figure tall made they have more critical in lover obviously do not interested in commons. Moreover, find the best one always surround them and worth to wait.


As a passenger, what we seen and experienced is the professional and warmth impression from the flight attendants, while there are much lonely and harness behind in the smile of the flight face, more patient to them.


Trying to meet different one than before is a bet choice to far away from single life whether flights or not.

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