The different but same punitive measures to single people all the time.



Recently, should you see it from the news or already that there are some states in United States has published new bill on single tax and push it into public to make the single people paid more tax than couple. For me, it is unnecessary but I’m not the judge in this tax bill.


It also reminded me to talk about the different punitive measures to single people since the ancient times as much as I can get to showing and certify it is not the first trying in that single situation.


In the 11th century B.C, Spartan-era, all of the single adult males will be ordered to take a quick lap around the local market in the winter, more serious is, naked. Which punitive measure based on law at that time and nobody could avoid it except for disable one. The reason for that could be thought as a way to urge single people get married as soon as possible to resist the high mortality in ancient times.


Jump to ancient Rome, Augustus, one of the emperors but famous in Rome, has published a law called Lex Julia intended to pull for their people have more kids, it referred to all of the single adult male would be taken the right of inheritance and banned to join and voted in any kind of public events until they married, you know, combative is one of the symbols for ancient Rome people.


That punitive measures still carried over into modern times, in partial areas of German, the adult male who’s age over 30 years old but still being single would be arranged to did some community works until they lost their first kiss.


That’s different areas including different meaning, single people still felt lonely but struggle in busy work also rare spare time to find someone even date with others.

But things could be change in any times.

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