The reason for performer being single



As we all known that like a roll as the same pressure in the different types of the performers even what they earned are much more than common people, most of the performers on this planet must have the strong mind to defeated different voices about their works incessantly weather correct or not. Like we thought that many performers being single and living alone whether famous or not, people couldn’t help to thinking what is the reason for their being single because they look brightly to public all the time.


We can calculating what’s the number of single performers as the most of the people we known so as to understanding the serious situations in entertain industry primarily.

With the development of globally economic lead to more and more people have the strength in finance to support what they demands especially in the spiritual, the entertain industry rise in response to the proper time and conditions.


More and more performers appearing on the big screen and other public places to meet the needs and lead to trend of fashion, while what the pressure they faced are equal to the pressures they received. Most performers whether actor or singer and so on be look as the idol by teenagers and ordinary people, what they should do is keep the single status to made a impression like a forever single and shine people instead of follow the natural regular from youth to mature even older.

Besides, people who looked the performer as a job is difficult than other due to the irregular timetable forced them lacked time share to family member and lover, that’s one of the reasons.


Get touch with the sophisticated glitter frequently could add the sense of insecurity in performer’s lover mind.


Totally speaking, the performer high risk group of single but earns a lot.


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