The reason for some of the Cancer people being single.


People who signed as Cancer is a loving but very sensitive and intuitive one in most of the people’s eyes, rare value and different with Gemini. Cancer is a warmth constellation which has a earnest attitude to the lover when they fall in love and want keep accompanied all the time. But there’s lot of the Cancer people being single even have the good education and finance background but alone, that’s the core of this article to showing the reason for some of the Cancer people being single.


Cancer is a chicken-hearted softie when they faced the closely relationship especially someone approach them with a goal in mind. They also armed themselves to the teeth to meet the stranger or unfamiliar people as they ensured in mind and hardly accept the love from other people in a short time, that is to said that they lacked of security unfailingly.

Besides, Cancer cherish various of the feelings among kinship, friendship, cupid and so on and want to get them together into a harmonious atmospheres while neglected what the real demand in partner’s mind. For example, they hoped and take actions to take lover into their social circle by the big efforts but obey the suggestions from lover rarely.

Most of the Cancer people regarded get married as object after they fall in love with others, in Cancer’s opinions, the most purest and happy wedding ceremony better than the sexy and exciting party, they will choose finish that relationship as soon as possible if the partner’s love outlooks are differ from him/her.

Cancer does not like to pursue love from own initiative due to the shyness instead secret loves, but they often regret for they shyness after the people who has been love by Cancer secretly for a long time was married with another person.

The above are my views about the reason for Cancer being single, but things always have two sides like a coin that they should match with the same Cancer or compatible constellation people when they being single but eager to far away from it.

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