More and more people embrace the single life in the future.



Some psychologists whom dedicated in working on global economics and social situations declared that there are more and more people embrace the single life in the future and now based on the good conditions, from Informing Russia.


The psychologists explained the reason why for the trends are result from the increasing global economics, more and more people have the get freedom in personal finance than before especially the part of woman do not rely on the support from her husband but herself could deal it well due to the well education background and job. Besides, there are many heavy housework which need wife and husband’s strength was been transferred into a commercial items, that is to say, there are most professional workers help you to change a new bulb in your house if it’s broken, and you just need to paid it instead of DIY. The single life could be better based on that situation and various of the professional services. Besides, owing to the demand on work and their own career, many people paid more attention and energy on the business and work to made their life better and far away from poor.


The psychologists also said the modern people paid less time and energy in the family compared with last generations, but the individual consciousness are more strong than that. Except from the romantic destinations such as Rome and Paris, it is rare that be accosted when you walk on the street, people spent many spare time on the Internet because most of the needs we could solved better by our phone’s APP.


Did you think is better or not? What we must admit is we human beings need to be accompanied whenever because we are emotional and need communicate with others, we want to share happiness and sorrow to our lover instead of alone to hold.

What the most serious problem is the way and thinking mode has been change under the period of mobile Internet now, people more preferring chatting and sharing online instead of face to face, we should change to follow the trends.

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