A single female Orangutan dating online with her counterparts.

Recently, a single female Orangutan which from a zoo in Netherlands has been arranged dating online with her counterparts through the Internet so as to increasing the rate of success of mating with female Orangutan as soon as possible.


As we all known that the online dating site general service for our human beings among single people, LGBT and other kinds of people’s needs. But it is a test for that case in order to change the traditional mating way of wild animals than before.

The zoo made the most of advantages of Internet and post Orangutan’s information on Tinder and hope the other zoos which all over the world could received that and cooperating with them also shows their counterparts through the iPad to test what’s the feeling of Orangutan when she saw that.


But what the most serious problem that workers of zoo faced is they need to find a solid touch screen device to struggled with the Orangutan’s bad temper. We also get some information from International Foundation of Orangutan that the number of wild Orangutan has rapidly become sparse due to the illegal logging in Indonesia. Only fifty thousand wild Orangutan living on that planet and decreasing, meanwhile, most of them living in Indonesia as their homeland.


It’s looks interesting and useful that the wild animal’s dating depend on human beings online dating service, doesn’t matter who you are, where are you come from, what you did, as long as you have the desire to meet a new one and ready to left single life alone.

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