single’s film-500 days of Summer


That film we recommend today is not famous as other romantic-lead movie and different core theme, sweet love nor broken heart, mainly introduced a story about a break relationship during have the passionate and sweet love and dating during the 500 days-”500 days of Summer” to single people.


What is the definitely interpretation of love, could anybody said about it differently like There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes,  from William Shakespear.

“500 days” is directed by Marc Webb, Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the hero and Zooey Claire Deschanel played heroine in it.


The movie sharing a story like surreal but meaningful, Summer is a girl who do not trust love anymore because she has been injured by a man as dream age and meet a boy called Tom, he depended on write greeting words on cards for his livelihood, he found himself fall in love even love at the first sight with Summer crazily, as we thoughts, they fall as other lovers, but different from Tom while Summer do not the willingness to act as Tom’s girlfriend but thought keep a closely relationship is better than that, Tom agreed.


With the time goes by, Summer appears coldness and impatient when she live with Tom. Finally, she break up with Tom like she want to be single again. What the lover’s did made he demoralized to do anything but drunk and resigned his work. Time goes by and life live better than before, Tom re-inspire himself go to the new job still single but found Summer, his ex-girlfriend, has engaged and seems pregnant forced he think the relationship over finally.

What impressed me so much that there is no one be set as the only lover destined, while it doesn’t means you do not any chance to find a better one but wait patiently and prepared yourself well is a vital choice when you end up with the last love and single.

Find a person who have steady finance is helpful to keep the relationship better. But most of people suffering from the narrow way.

While, where is a will, there is a way.

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