Do you wanna receive a hug from the single dog?


Did you felt harmful and hit a lot when your friends posted their sweet photos with their girl or boyfriend on the social media in the Valentine’s Day 2017 but you are being single. But I was definitely be hit by those couples who showing it proud on internet and I had taken action to against that call out all of my single friends to celebrated the glory single day and ordered all of the singular seats in the same row of the cinema want to separated the lovers and seems good.  Don’t worry about that.

Today what I introduced is a romantic and considerate dog called Louboutina, she’s living in New York. Much to our surprised, there are some countries likens the single people to the single dog owing to a picture of doge and spread out in that planet.


Louboutina is an golden retriever, she has a special skill is hug that could appeals people’s attention and get warm in heart from the dog. She preferring standing on the corners or squares in the cities and give a hug to different people if you want and last to do that for a long time.


Mrs.Cesar, the host and feeder of Louboutina, said she and the other family members felt surprised for what Lou’s done because no one forced her to learn this interesting manner but she achieved just that and insisting on. While we felt lucky that the dog could pass the warmth and faith from animal to human, and it seems goes well. It is wonderful and made me felt so proud after strange people hugged with Loulou and show happiness on their face, it is meaningful as I want to be, but, as a matter of fact, Loulou wasn’t always received the hugs from people but like be held her paw as shakehands in human beings. However, over the time, more preferring be hug or initiative as she felt.



Now, Loulou is a famous dog and has open their account in Ins, the fans on that over 5000+ and increasing.


A simply greeting could help others a lot sometimes, did you felt lonely sometimes as a single people, as far as I am concerned, need be care when I ill and sink in difficulties but hard. Do you want change that situation moving to better life, we will help you if you want.

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