Singles like a pairs in Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day approaches, it be regarded as the most romantic day of the year in lovers  everywhere and prepared gift which the most cherished one of theirs send each other.


But most of the singles bearing lots of the harmful information from others intentionally or not when that day coming, it is unfair.

While it’s said that people who compared with their couple or partner would felt better among economy, mood even sense of safety than single people according to an international survey.

Ipsos, the host of the survey, shows what they learned from that from the 15 countries and nearly 80 percent of the couple felt happiness on that status but singles lower than 70 percent has the same feeling.


More specifically:

The couples in Canada is the most well-being country in the world reach to 90 percent, on the contrary, couples in Hungary only 53 percent it seems not bad. Janis Gilman, the director in global marketing of Ipsos, said that people who have couple or partner are more happiness and healthy than single people react from our international survey, but we take the divorcees, widows and widowers into account of the singles, it would influenced the finally result and personal sense of financial even security.

For a look at the sense of happiness between couple and singles:



  Japan  United      States  Sweden   South Korea  Canada  Hungary
Couple    77%   74%   60%   68%   90%   53%
Single    53%   89%   40%   49%   78%   42%


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