Some of the unusual but popular online dating site

Here we are introduced the top 10 of the most popular online dating site, people who living in the period of mobile internet have more chance to touch and keeping with the online App than before. It has owned the different features and aimed at the specific category of people,let’s see it now!

Christian Minglechristianminglecom_coupons

Christian Mingle is an online dating site service to Christians in the US, and it is the most popular dating site for the woman user equal to 56%,the residents who live in Texas more preferred it.



JDate is an unusual dating site which aimed at the Jew  young people and be frequent use by people, and over thousands of Jew people use it every day. Most of the search traffic cames from New York and New Jersey, attention please, if you wan to find a young Jew people.



The user of PlentyofFish could be received a “Chemistry Experience”, that is to said that people could match for each other’s similar character, paid more attention on emotional needs. Nearly 58% users are male。



A matching algorithm based on user’s behaviours was taken to ensure have the exactly search results to users. Nearly 70% of the users are male.


It is the wonderland for such kind of people who want search a wealthy man or woman as a lover, long relationships, partner, their soul mate and so on. It was established in 2001 in US, the theme of it aimed at the wealthy people’s dating all over the world.  The most important point about MM is their member profile must be verified by their staffs if the user apply as the wealthy people.

It is an online dating site for wealthy person and their admirer to meet, of acquaintance, for knowing well and fall in love. Being a wealthy person provides a unique opportunity to explore sex and fun with an agile and open attitude. It also providing over 2.8 million wealthy and single members on that platform.

We all known meet and make friends with wealthy people is another way to make your achieve something, but still hardly in the narrow ways, sure it is by the traditional what they does. But MM has a new platform to make your dreams come true, try it ,darling!

Click Here into the first page to sign up or log in.


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