The details of dating from “Bridget Jones’s Diary ”


The films of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” has concerned for three reasons since 2001 and has  big influenced as a modern Cinderella thanks to approached most of the women what they faced in the journey of love and empathizing with BJ, people who have watched the series of the films has talked a lot about it. Here we are collected some of it from the Internet sharing what’s the feeling from the audiences:


Sure, she is a silly and stupid woman when I see what her did at the first sight in the cinema, and prone to errors in work and other things even couldn’t solve it by herself but mark has fall in love with BJ, what’s I learned from BJ is the love should be happened well after a man looked you and love at the first sight, have the desire to dating with you. But it doesn’t means you would stop the step in love, dating with a right person by your feeling, keep confidence in love, should have the sun on the grasses.I hoped all of the people will meet their mark in the future.


Keep single status of me doesn’t stand for me wanna to stay in that for a long time, don’t have a boyfriend but learn a lot from the series of films about dating, company. Maybe everyone will be attract by the different people with themselves.

I think as the people keep in standard levels in look and IQ, BJ’s psychological qualities has better than what I mentioned, like an elephant marched forward bravely. Her simple minded, optimism and tenacity character has the magnet for Darcy.

What impressed me the most is the way of dating in beginning, parents of the Bridget has arranged BJ meet the serious man Darcy, just like the things which happened around us in the real life. Dating and observation the manner and the things she/he mentioned, did they have a good impress when you first meet?


Bored in dating arranged by parents, friends and other friendly people? Don’t you want change it and into another way to find like an elephant marched forward bravely as BJ?

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