Saviour of the single people-smart electromobile


Honda, as you know, a world famous auto producer in the Japan, has released a new car named NeuV in Consumer Electronics Show 2017. Different from other but has a newly signal system called emotion engine which work based on artificial intelligence have the the able to communicate with driver by release the lonely atmospheres especially when they alone.

Some of writer’s friend once told me they felt peaceful and want to stay in it longer after they park the car in garage, surrounded by the silent without sounds. However, they may felt horrible when they did it sometimes.

Lonely take peaceful, also to scare.u30768172511183881270fm11gp0

Image if we drive alone in the midnight across the dark, nobody knows, but always have communication could fearless or keep up your spirits well, then artificial intelligence could play a better role.

Honda designed the NeuV look like as a small box but equipped well, the artificial intelligence could make a prediction reaction when talk with driver and recognized driver’s mood and emotion so as to set a suitable plan among traffic jam or better advice and service.

The producer hoped that the communication could deliver into another car’s artificial intelligence system to avoid unnecessary traffic jam or accident.


While it doesn’t means the car could be used in long journey, Honda’s official defined it as the urban commuter car, suit for single people, it’s a sign in future.

More and more single people in nowadays, and lonely spreading without ending. Living in period of mobile Internet, people have benefit a lot from that, but the communication seldom among people. It is a trend like the mega tsunami for people, what should we do is trying to change.

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