Appeal to wealthy and commons, world’s unique and rare Museums.

World famous painting, antique furniture, historical decoration, luxury jewelry, etc, that is the common sense and feeling about the collections in museum all over the world, but there are some unique museums which showing different collections than others to satisfied the curiosity whether wealthy or common people.

Here we are list some unique museum:

There are much bad smell spread from the toilet when people mentioned the traditional and old toilet, somebody established a museum and aimed at toilet in New Delhi, India. And named global toilet museum showing the history of toilet from ancient to now, it is the world first museum which set toilet as the theme to exhibit different kinds of toilets among wood, rock, mental, plastic, china, etc, besides, there also showing the toilets which been used by the famous people to explain the culture of human’s toilets. Moreover, it also trying to call for paid more attention on the third countries’ hygiene situation.



We all known that the instant noodles has been invented by an Japanese called Momofuku Ando, it changed the traditional dietary ways since World War two, we also could find it in the supermarket and boutique, in order to memorized the devotion and history about it, they built instant noodles museum in Yokohama, Japan. The visitors not only could learn different history and development process of instant noodles in the world but also have the chance to experience how to made it successfully by choose what types of the cup, mixed with different food materials and soups to made the unique instant noodles.


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