The way of finance in Australian wealthy

The 20th of world wealth report form Capgemini, one of the world’s largest IT consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies with almost employees in over 40 countries, shows that Australia have added more than eight thousands of the high net worth individuals than last year react at the economic situation better than before. The wealthy people at Australia help the number of Asian wealthy people in total surpass that in North America for the first time.


Meanwhile, the report also revealing the truth of Aussie  wealthy people are preferring to invest in real estates and technology start up companies so as to keep their assets growing rather than stocks and bond.


The first reason for that situations that thanks to the global science especially in smart and operating systems have set up over hundreds of the companies, part of them exploit apps or smart robots and put it into business after test it so as to sold well, some of the companies did well out of the Android and IOS operate system’s app store and benefit lots from it after they carried out the what they designed apps. It’s like a signal but have the strong attraction to the Australian wealthy people even it not matured yet, but have a bright future in this period.


There is another reason for which with the develop of chinese economy but worse in environment including air,water caused many wealthy chinese trying to immigrant to Australia due to friendly environment, better welfare and education for their next generations. The first thing what they want to is rent or buy a real estate in stead of travel to attentioned the local business people take the chance better if want to be a high net worth individuals.

We all known meet and make friends with wealthy people is another way to make your achieve something, but still hardly in the narrow ways, sure it is by the traditional what they does.

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