Most wealthy person in global science

According to the recently report from news that the top 100 wealthy person on this planet has owned 842.9 billion dollars in total,by far. Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the Steve Jobs, with 21.4 billion dollars to be the most wealthy woman in the world, the average age among these wealthy people is 53 years of age. Near 94 percent of the people who self-made their own success, the others tend to be acceded to the family estate.

So here we are list the global top 20 wealthy persons in the science, check it out:


  • 20. Claus Tschira

The co-Founder of SAP

Net asset: 8.6 billion dollars


  • 19.Hiroshi Mikitani

The founde and CEO of Lotte, the giant of E-commerce in Japan.

Net asset: 87 billion dollars


  • 18.Eric Schmidt

The president of Google

Net asset:9.1 billion dollars


  • 17.Hasso Plattner

The founder of SAP

Net asset:9.1 billion dollars


  • 16.Lei Jun

The founder of XIAO MI technology

Net asset:13.2 billion dollars


  • 15.Shiv Nadar

Technology tycoon in India

Net asset:14.8 billion dollars


  • 14.Li Yan Hong

The founder of Baidu

Net asset:15.3 billion dollars


  • 13.Ma Hua Teng

The founder of Tencent

Net asset:16.1 billion dollars


  • 12.Paul Allen

The former co-Founder of Microsoft

Net asset:17.5 billion dollars


  • 11.Azim H Premji

Indian business tycoon, investor in High-Tech

Net asset:19.1 billion dollars


  • 10.Michael Dell

The founder of Dell

Net asset:19.2 billion dollars


  • 9.Laurene Powell Jobs

The widow of the Steve Jobs

Net asset:21.4 billion dollars


  • 8.Steve Ballmer

The former Microsoft chief executive

Net asset:21.5 billion dollars


  • 7.Ma Yun

The founder of Alibaba group

Net asset:22.7 billion dollars


  • 6.Sergey Brin

The co-Founder of Google

Net asset:29.2 billion dollars


  • 5.Larry Page

The founder and CEO of Google

Net asset:29.7 billion dollars


4.Mark Zuckerburg

The founder of Facebook

Net asset:33.4 billion dollars


  • 3.Jeff Bezos

The chairman, Founder and CEO of Amazon

Net asset:34.8billion dollars


  • 2.Larry Ellison

The co-Founder and CEO of Oracle

Net asset:54.3 billion dollars


  • 1.Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft

Net asset:79.2 billion dollars

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