Hyperloop starting with Czech serve for wealthy and common passengers

According to the report from the Tech Crunch, an American professional Technologies Website said the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) come forwarding the vision that they will reach out to the world in that filed even fall behind to their competitor as Hyperloop One at present.


HTT announced they came to an agreement with the official Bratislava, which is the capital in Slovakia and trying to built the 80 miles’ Hyperloop Transportation Systems from Bratislava to Brno, Czech Public serve for wealthy and common passengers in the future yesterday. Meanwhile, that agreement will contribute to the feasibility studies about HTT covered the whole European continent in the future if they can. The system not only connect the different cities between Brno and Bratislava but also will 140 miles south extend to Prague, capital of Czech Public.

HTT declared that they also paid more attentions to the other programs including made agreement with Abu Dhabi, investigating at Melbourne, AUS is under way. Besides, they always get in touch with the government leaders worldwide so as to get more orders as soon as possible thanks to HTT have matured as they believed even fresh in the outside people’s eyes nowadays.

Now, what the problem that HTT faced is how can they come the plan into reality as soon as possible, as what he said, Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of HTT, one the one hand, we have the strength to make systems better, on the other hand, we need urging and cooperating with official to establish laws and regulations relatively.




As far as i can see there will have much more expensive tickets of HTT program in the paper than regular train prices tickets, the main passengers should be the wealthy or people on the run, do you still have the interests that want to find a wealthy person and make friends with them even deeper?

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