Sweet burden for wealthy, heavy burden for commons

Something was changed when people talk about the incredible prices of house in London and New York, somebody benefited from Asia’s fast develop in economy since it taken off some years ago and they have the abilities to purchase a new or lots of the estate in order to living better even profit from it, that also creates many wealthy called new-developing.

General Views Of Hong Kong Property As Homeowners Under Water While Prices Slump

Things always have two sides.

For common people, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai and Beijing are the mega cities in Asia, local middle incomes people who living in these cities need over 30 years savings to buy a 90-square-meter apartment but it seems easy for wealthy people. The conclusion came from Oxford Economics about global house prices and incomes calculations totally.

To our surprise, both of the four cities’ rental yield in 2016 are much lower than ten year treasury yield and different from Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Sydney which belong to developed countries.


The economists TianJie He and Louis Kuijs said in their report that we estimated the speed of house prices in entire Asian will be retard, and there are some region could drop down, in addition, the estate supply reinforced, other government’s measures and FED raise rates globally would aggravated that situations.

But in the long terms, the prosperity and population’s factors means the sustainable requirements in estate, especially in the less developed areas and have the chance to create another kind of new wealthy.

Even though there are many wealthy men or women in reality, but lack of the ways to meet or touch even make friends with them, some people choose special ways including take the first-class in airplane frequently but expense a lot.

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