Switzerland have less attractive to wealthy visitors for the climate change.


The snowfall in Switzerland’s tourist destinations are less than before for the climate change and it lead to the amount of wealthy visitors decreased year by year since 2014.

A period of unusual dry weather disrupted the normal operation of the local ski resorts caused visitors do not have more choice when they want to skiing on the low altitudes as usual, but they disappointed found there isn’t exist profitable place because the dry weather.


Mark Dowding, portfolio manager in Blue Bay fund management company London, said that my colleagues always talked about the decrease in snowfall in Switzerland after the Christmas’ holiday and we all are going to agree that skiing in Switzerland is not a great idea if things going on like this.

The huge snow storm happened in Nov.2016 brought an illusory hope to local people and business, while the snowfall in December.2016 is the minimum since they have recorded in this area. The data from Jungfraubahnen Holding AG shows that ended Jan.2, the ski resort which located between Wengen and Grindelwald was fell sharply 25% of visitors whether wealthy or commons compared with the same period last year.


Agnes Pannier-Runacher, vice-president of Cie.des Alpes, said both of our staffs are recommending our guest skiing on the high altitudes area to enjoy better than low area, and we also believe the trend of visitor’s decline will be changeover in a short time. Besides, we take some measures including artificial snow to gained the snow coverage rate especially on high altitudes regions to meet the visitors requirement.

But some of the ski fanatics are losing the patience, somebody has mentioned his daughter once said to him: daddy, shall we travel to Thailand or Australia because i don’t want living in that place without snow but cold.

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