Gap of wealth, eight people equal to the over half of human.

A report from Oxfam claimed that what the wealth of the top 8 most richest man are equal to sum of wealth which belong to half of human as the poor. The 1% of the richest person’s wealth have overed the rest of human’s  sum of wealth since 2015 and increasing every year. Besides, 10% of the poorest people’s income gained no more than 3 dollars per year while the richest person has increased 182 times than the poorest from 1985 to 2011.

The newest research from the famous economist Thomas Piketty  have found that there isn’t even incomes growing at the grassroots people but still gained three times than before in wealthy class in the past 30 years, people have the reason to think that is reasonable has the appearing of trillionaire in the future if things going on.

For a look at the top 8 billionaires turn into trillionaire in the future, check this out.


8.Michael Bloomberg

The founder, owner and CEO of Bloomberg LP, also has the former mayor of New York。

Net asset: 30 billion dollars.


7.Larry Ellison

Co-Founder and CEO of Oracle.

Net asset: 43.6 billion dollars.


6.Mark Zuckerberg

The chairman, Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook.

Net asset: 44.6 billion dollars.


5.Jeff Bezos

The chairman, Founder and CEO of Amazon.

Net asset: 45.2 billion dollars.


4. Carlos Slim Helu

The owner of Group Carso in Mexico.

Net asset: 50 billion dollars.


3.Warren Buffett

The main stockholder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Net asset: 60.8 billion dollars.


2.Amancio Ortega

The founder of Inditex Group, the owner of Zara.

Net asset: 67 billion dollars.


1.Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft.

Net asset: 75 billion dollars.

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