Top wealthy women in financial industry

There’s still have prejudice to woman in financial industry for rigid working hours, more unfair in promotion and income as well as unconscious bias, even the report which from Oliver Wyman said after over 30 years the amounts of woman executive rise to 30 percent in total.

But there’s some woman who outstanding and good at what they did in financial industry. Besides, they are wealthy.

Excellent as their male colleagues

Here we will list some of wealthy women:


Christine Lagarde, the president of IMF from 2011, as the first female president in IMF and praised by her intelligence and  execution, what she faced are put into practice IMF’s share as soon as possible and driving the global economy advancement.


Janet L. Yellen, Chairman of FED, is the first female chairman in the agency. She has relieved continuous financial deadlock of U.S government, but the issue what she faced always seriously.


Gail Kelly, operation president and CEO of Westpac Banking Corporation, her parents are British and she was born in South  Africa. She has teaches Latin as a language teacher in Zimbabwe before immigrant to Australia. She advocated develop the oversea’s market and made a great successful.


Phebe Novakovic, Chairman and CEO of GE, even GE do not have great leap forward but develop steady. She paid more attention to forester emerged markets and Gulfstream,seems goes well.


Deb Henretta, president of P&G group, P&G meet some dilemma increasing the sales extra, her main tasks are refresh their old brands such as Head & Shoulders, Pantene and so on. Besides, she used to work and live in Singapore for P&G’s business in Asia.


Chanda Kochhar, operation president and CEO of ICICI in India, what she lead is the second largest bank in India and that bank’s market evaluation than 122.4 billion U.S dollars. It have 3,588 branch agencies in domestic.

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