Driverless automobile bring benefit to wealthy and commoms

2015, Delphi Automotive Plc, an automobile electronics supplier made an experience that across the American from west to east coast through a driverless automobile of Audi Q5 SUV to certified time of driverless has coming.  All of the people can benefit from it, whether wealthy or commons.


The Plc arranged over hundreds of potential wealthy and common clients tried to taken the driverless automobile of Audi Q5 to experienced a path which through rugged way and tunnel when attending the International Customers Electronics Show (CES), want to confirmed the real potential clients after they push out the new one in business.

There are many automotive groups came up with the new ideas of driverless car even paid more attention on that.  They known that the future of automobile tend to smart, driverless and powered by clean energy, whether BMW, Rolls-Royce hammer at the wealthy or Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Ford devoted to commons are always research on it all the time. The traditional auto enterprise must face a serious problem that the cross-border competition, for example, Google is a high-tech company in Internet, they made the google’s android operate system in the smart-phone and taken a great success. Google also have competition in medical, smart-phone and social media with others.


Elon Musk, the CEO of the Tesla, has said that they already prepared driverless technology and carry it in Tesla commercial as soon as possible. It is noteworthy that Tesla is matured enterprise especially in electric vehicle and also launched it in business.

Moreover, the technology of driverless would be used in other fields, applied on the wheelchair to help the disabled people especially when across the street or go up the slope.

Even though the life and work better and smart than before, but it is necessary that search for someone who wealthy and have the abilities to experienced it. We have owned over 2 million wealthy and single members waiting for the one they prefered.

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