Bookshop’s wealthy style than before

There are different types of the bookshop spread around the world service for what various requirements of people, and business benefits from it to be a wealthy,  they have the same idea is selling the book rather than other goods.

More and more people order and read book on the Internet bookshop owing to it’s cheaper than brick and mortar bookshops, it cause entity one’s in big trouble that hardy to going on the business than before. It seems that the traditional entity business could hardly to living in the future. But we also find a bookshop entity in the japan and it goes well, let’s find out the secrets.

It might be another properties of bookshop in future than usual.


Name: Tsutaya Books

The thing firstly  to be warning is the bookshop opening 24 hours a day, supposed match for the person who have the enough time only in night whether commons or wealthy,  the Flavor Wire choose it as the world most beautiful bookshop. Moreover, it is the profitable in reality, every month the sales over 1 million dollar, the footfall of it has been measured over 10000+ people per day and jump 3 times on the holiday and weekend than usual.


Mr.Muneaki, a wealthy of the owner and CEO of the Tsutaya books, has mentioned the shock which from the Internet business and E-book to the entity bookshops. He also believed that reading is way to relax and learn and almost every one need it.


The traditional bookshop has the advantage such as professional, but the disadvantage always existing, for example, if customer chosen a  professional but funny cuisine books and learnt some from it, while the various kitchen tools she need prepared in another shop or mall. In Muneaki’s mind, it’s an opportunity that make the entity one sustainable and profitable. Divided the shop into separated partly areas, put the kind of book and the things related, the guides who responsible for that area has the unique and professional opinion about it. Maybe you want help in the cuisine book area to buy a french cuisine book, the guide you asked maybe work at the western restaurant  over 5 years, and you also ordered some ingredients in this area after you heard the suggestions of the guide, that’s the point of profitable—complex morphological bookshops.

We hoped that choose a way to living by yourself when enter Tsutaya,  it service for commons and wealthy.

After choose the things or the life style in it, you need find a wealthy single person to experience, that’s the complex.

Log in online dating.


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