The top 10 of billionaire cities of the world

Forbes listed top 10 of the world’s most billionaire and wealthy cities in 2016 recently.

10. Los AngelesNFL: Super Bowl 50-City Scenes

It has owned 28 billionaires and 74.5 billion in total, it mainly depend on the high-tech companies in silicon valley and many famous university.

9.Shenzhen (China)

Commercial towers are seen in Shenzhen

It is the youngest city in China.

It has owned 30 billionaires and 78 billion in total,thanks to the  policy of reform and opening  by the government of China since 1978 and close to Hong Kong in location advantage, it has been set as the first special economic zone and have easily attract foreign investment than other cities. Besides, there is concentrate on some high-tech companies such as Tencent.

8.Seoul  (South Korea)

Palace guard is silhouetted against skyline of Seoul as he stands outside Gyeongbokgung Palace

One of the emerging economies in Asia,the capital of South Korea.

It has owned 30 billionaires and 79.9 billion in total,famous Transnational Corporationincluding Samsung, LG, SK, Hyundai and so on.


Man looks at the Pudong financial district of Shanghai

The economic center and the largest city in China.It has owned 31 billionaires and 98 billion in total.


A general view of Mumbai's southern financial districtThe largest city in India, and provide over 10% of the works in the whole India. It has owned 32 billionaires and 115.1 billion in total.


2016 Virgin Money London Marathon Previews

The capital of U.K.

.A historical city in Europe, one of the financial centre in the world and the residence of British royal family.

It has owned 48 billionaires and 127.7 billion in total.


Buildings are pictured in Beijing's central business district

The capital of China and has owned over thousand years of history that as the capital of imperial city.  It has owned 51 billionaires and 149.9 billion in total.


People stand on Great Moskvoretsky Bridge in central Moscow

The world’s largest country and has the inestimable natural resources such as petroleum and gas.  It has owned 60 billionaires and 217.6 billion in total.


Man looks at the skyline of Hong Kong from the Peak in Hong Kong

One of the finance centre and has a famous free-trade port in the world.

It has owned 68 billionaires and 261.3 billion in total.

1.New York

The setting sun reflects off of One World Trade Center in New York City

There is no doubt that New York is the number one city that located at the most developed country in the world and has the supported by the world-class universities. It has made over thousands of the wealthy even billionaire. In my opinion, it will last several years by this situation.

It has owned 79 billionaires and 364.6 billion in total.

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