The fastest aeroplane benefit to wealthy and common people when long flight


Richard Branson,a wealthy  who established the Virgin group,have published news that the group is participating research and development the rudiment of supersonic plane recently. They are cooperate with Boom, which is a pioneering company in Australia, to make the teleportation come to reality.

The great appeal of supersonic is reached speed of more than 2330 miles per hour when flying, that is to said it will save more than 9 hours when you want from Sydney to Los  Angeles when you take by the supersonic rather than jetliner cost 15 hours. Boom throw in their whole might R&D that one, named XB-1, and it might be the fastest commercial aircraft in the future.



I have been keen to innovation of aircrafts so that to satisfied the commercial passengers whether wealthy or commons’ requirements especially in speed. Blake Scholl, former Amazons executive and pilot, said that the ticket price of supersonic are equal to the business class usually, and we need to make a big advance to change the backward flying speed since 1960s.  It’s my dream that all the passengers could arrived their destinations in the planet within 5 hours by supersonic and no more than 100 dollars.


But they always faced some problems, one of that is the noise, the united states prohibited the supersonic due to big noise and air pollutions. It’s a key depend on that.

I hoped that the new put into commercial as soon as possible, cause we cannot bearing the long flight between wealthy or commons for travel or business etc.235541r9f7q6tqx7y3xe7x


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