Bellamy’s Organic being pushed out of the wealthy market

Bellamy’s Organic, Swisse,A2  has been think as the famous brands in Australia and has nice business in the their domestic.  The strongly requirement has appearing in china for the past few years due to their inland economy developing rapidly makes much of the wealthy and millionaires, they have the shopping needs especially in the imported goods.  The sales figures go beyond the expectations after the two children policy has been carried out.



Things always have two sides.

Recently, the CEO of Bellamy’s Organic claimed that the stock price continues to drop and lost 700 million at least. But they said they sales 93 million for Chinese online shopping even-single day on November.11.

The reason that they lost the fight with the Daigou sellers, means some chinese carried in goods from another countries back to China when they were working or learning abroad, even have partly look it as a job cause they can get the margin in between.  It meets the needs of the wealthy and middle class but deadly to the local companies. With the changed of the import policy in China, more and more imported goods be permitted into China but much lower taxes than before. Based on these situation, the official of Bellamy take a deeper discount in the events in China, it caused the Daigou sellers living in the shadow of depression. Daigou sellers has remain the important distributors in China’s market.


In order to against the official of Bellamy’s and to living, most of the Daigou sellers refuse to sell it to their customers, it caused the falls in sales of the brand’s products.

Here are over 2 million single wealthy members on it,

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