The worst and best airlines in 2016,advice for wealthy and commom passangers.

Most of the people may regard  the bad flying experience as a nightmare especially in long flight across different continents, staying in the narrow seats, bearing the noise from the aeroplane’s engines, the dishes difficult to swallow and the badly service make you felt disgusting whether wealthy or commons when you flying.

Reported from the magazine《Traveller》, we fond some worst airlines which point out from the passengers in 2016. is supported star-rated for the airlines which based on the standard of security, here are some airlines be rated as one star,such as: Batik air, Blue wing airlines, Citilink, Kal-Star aviation, Lion air, Sriwijaya Air, TransNusa, Trigana Air Service, Wings Air, Xpress Air.


But the worst airline still existing and hang on over 5 years, it is the Koryo Air. From the passengers opinions we could known that the  flight attendants  do not take the routines such as checking the safe belt or safety tips before take-off.Besides, the  dishes they provided is too bad and lack of the IFE system.  Meanwhile, some passangers do not agree that a man said i was enjoyed a bottle of beer and the food not too bad, just average.


Here we list the top 10 of the best airlines in 2016 by Skytrax:


10: Airline Lufthnasa


9.Qantar Airline


8.EVA Air


7. Turkish Airline146846445274956544

6.Etihad Airway


5. ANA


4. Cathay Pacific


3. Singapore Airlines


2.Qatar Airways


1.Emirates Airlines


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